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Kalahari First Peoples Exhibition

 On 1 April 2022 our Museum will be officially opening a new temporary exhibition. The exhibition is entitled KALAHARI - FIRST PEOPLES and will showcase beautiful artefacts from the Ju/'huatse from the Nyae Nyae region of Northern Namibia.

Archaeological excavations in various parts of Southern Africa have yielded artifacts from Middle and later Stone Ages at least 80 000 years ago. These artifacts include digging sticks, bone awls and bone points, composite hafting and the use of poisons similar to those made Bushmen in modern times

 Hunting equipment has not changed significantly over centuries and the similarity of some of the artifacts of the collection on display are a link to prehistoric times and give some insight into the way of life of prehistoric man.

The Kalahari bushmen were and are hunter-gatherers, hunting with bows and arrows, trapping small animals and eating edible roots and berries. They live in the open or in crude shelters of twigs and grass or animal skins. They do not make pottery but instead use ostrich eggshells or animal parts to store and hold liquids. Animals are therefore central to their religious tradition, folklore, art and rituals.

We cordially invite you visit the Museum and see these wonderful artifacts for yourself.